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My name is Cathie and I just turned 53 years old. I am married with two grown children and I live in the midwest USA. I have been totally shaved and thonged for years and I just love it. I hate underwear so I rarely wear a bra, and thongs and g strings are the only underwear I ever wear. I love being topless and thonged at home and on the beach where I can (it's tricky in the USA). I have dozens of thongs and g strings and I love the feel and sexiness I get from them (tiny g strings are my favorites). My husband loves me in thongs and he buys me many as gifts.I am comfortable with my body and I really like and enjoy the attention I get when wearing thongs at the beach. At home or around and about, if I'm not in a thong, I'm in nothings at all.

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