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Buying thongs online - sizing, deliveries and taxes

Buying thongs online is a great way to do it - you're anonymous and you can take your time about it.

With our help, you can browse and source so much more online than you could in your local mall.

Also, many thong styles from Europe aren't available in the US - the same is true the other way around.

Thongs are light and easily delivered - most of the merchants on this site deliver internationally to your door.

Also, all of them understand discretion. Packaging gives no clue as to the contents and likewise credit card statements do not give a clue as to what you have purchased.

Thong Size Guide

When you're buying thongs online we can help you get an idea as to what sizes to buy - maybe you're wanting to buy a thong for your partner - these handy charts will help you get it right.

Buying thongs online - Thong sizes for women

Waist Measurement Hip Measurement Panty Size
25"-26" 35"-36" 5 or Small (S)
27"-28" 37"-38" 6 or Medium (M)
29"-30" 39"-40" 7 or Large (L)
31"-32" 41"-42" 8 or Extra Large (XL)
33"-34" 43"-44" 9 or Extra Extra Large (XXL)
35"-36" 45"-46" 10 or Extra Extra Extra Large (XXXL)

Thong sizes for men

Small Medium Large Extra Large
Chest: 36-38 38-40 41-44 45-48
Waist: 28-30 31-33 34-37 38-40

International shipping and taxes

When you are buying thongs online from Europe or the UK - you'll see that the quoted price is actually more than you get charged. This is because of the sales tax that is often included in the price (which you need to check) - but is deducted if the item is exported.

For instance, UK sales tax is 17.5% - so if you are in the US and buy from a UK store, they will deduct 17.5% of the price.

European taxes are generally 13%.

Be aware though that your purchase may incur duty when it is landed in your country - this will be invoiced to you - but it certainly won't be very much.

Card security

Firstly, all of the merchants who sell thongs, that we recommend either use SSL encryption, or their transactions are carried out by a third party service provider. What encryption basically means is that your details become unreadable over the internet to anyone but the merchant. So you needn't worry about your details being intercepted and used.

Secondly, if there is a problem of any sort involving a card, then you just refer to your card company who will request the merchant to provide proof (i.e. a signature) that you authorized use of the card, or took delivery of goods. If they can't provide that proof, then your card will be credited and it will be charged back from the merchant.

So, as you can see there is very little risk involved.

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