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Answers to the - "should I wear thongs?" - question.

Thongs are more popular - there is no doubt about that. "Should I wear thongs?" is asked thousands of times a day on the internet.

I will tell you something else too: thongs are by far the fastest growing item in the women 's apparel market. So it seems very often the answer to "Should I wear thongs ?"

is yes.

Should i wear thongs black widow There are a number of reasons for the surge in interest, but recently Sisquo 's "The Thong Song" has had an incredible effect on interest in thongs. Now more and more men and women are asking Should I wear thongs ?

This increase in popularity has raised many issues, often associated with past prejudices and stereotypes.

The most common of these stereotypes are the whole gay/straight thing: if you want to wear a thong you must be gay. Not true !!! Many people ask the " should I wear thongs " question because they think this may imply something about their sexuality.

The answer to that is no - wearing a thong is nothing to do with being gay or straight.

Another is that people who wear thongs are either lap-dancers or promiscuous. This is also total nonsense.

Thongs ARE sexy there iss no doubt about it. That iss why we love them - AND they arere sexy to BOTH sexes.

It is true that the gay community like thongs, but that does NOT mean that if you want to wear a thong then you must be gay!

You asked: Should I wear thongs ?

Here's your answer.

There are a number of reasons to wear a thong.

Firstly, they're practical.

A common hassle is the ruffling panty problem.

With a thong worn under clothes, there is NO panty line. You have a nice smooth butt and your clothes fit better. Nobody likes to wear a well-tailored skirt or trousers only to have a great ruffled band creeping around underneath.

Secondly I believe they enhance self-esteem: they DO make you feel sexier and that does not mean you have to have them on show to the world. If you feel sexy then that affects your entire relationship with the world at work, play, flirting or whatever.

Black g-string


Because you are making a statement to yourself : you are saying "I deserve to be attractive".

and that makes you feel good.

Thirdly they have become popular and the stereotypes associated with them are breaking down. You're no longer the exception and all mainstream designers design thongs - people like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Versace, DKNY and Cosabella.

Thong Bum It's true that the US has been slower than Europe and the Far East to accept them but mainstream designers have been designing them in Europe for ages now and they're catching on fast in the States.

I find the internet makes a huge difference here. You can now shop around the world for items like thongs they are very light-weight and easy to deliver - so no problem there. This means that you can order the best designers and styles from anywhere in the world. You will see quite a few of them on this site from merchants all over the world.

Finally it helps to know what you want since there are many different styles and thongs suitable for different occasions.

Do you want thong swim wear? Or thongs for every day wear? Or a thong for clubwear? Do you want your thong to be seen? Or do you want to keep it to yourself?

To help you, go to the Thong Styles page. This will help you get an idea as to what styles and designs there are. Then you will see different pages with recommendations.

I have also put up a directory of suppliers who have huge selections of different thongs. All of them ship internationally and they all sell in Dollars, Ponds or Euros.

So I hope this answers your " Should I wear thongs " question.

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