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Brazilian Wax: hair removal for people who love thongs and G-strings

A Brazilian wax and wearing a thong go hand in hand. The hottest bodies in thongs all need serious hair control - you can't look your best in a thong if you're not completely smooth.

You don't need a PhD to work out where the Brazilian came from. Brazilian thong culture also spawned the birth of the Brazilian wax - Brazilian women take thongs very seriously - and make sure that when they go public in a thong, there is not a shred of hair to be seen - or felt.

We all know how small a Brazilian thong or g-string is, so they make sure that their wax treatment leaves very little left.

Like thongs, Brazilian waxing is a relatively new thing in the USA.

It all started in New York in 1987, when seven Brazilian (whose names all begin with "J") sisters opened the J Sisters international salon in Manhattan.

Since then both thongs and Brazilian waxing have grown more and more popular in the US and Europe. This has been helped by all the celebrities who have gone public talking about their Brazilian wax-jobs - people like Demi Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kirstie Alley.

What is Brazilian waxing exactly?

There is some confusion over exactly what it is - and what bits it does.

The Brazilian bikini wax includes your derriere, including right between your buns, and everything off the front leaving only a very thin strip, or inverted triangle in front two to three fingers wide.

A Bikini Wax - only hair from outside the panty line is removed.

Playboy Bikini Wax - Everything off, front and back, leaving a very thin strip.

The Full Bikini Wax - All off. Front and back, including the labia.

If you want to look hot in a thong, a straight bikini wax will not be enough - you need the Brazilian bikini wax or more ...

Brazilian Wax - what happens exactly?

Let's get something straight. Having a Brazilian is not pleasant - and you must make sure that whoever is doing it, has a lot of experience.

To put it another way - don't try this at home.

Brazilian waxing is not dignified. You will be asked to lie down, and as your waxer works on you - you will be spreadeagled into all kinds of contorted positions.

You will be liberally coated with powder and then the waxer will apply warm wax to the area to be waxed - then it will be covered with a cloth and patted down.

When the wax is cool - brace yourself - you know what's coming next.

RRRIPP! - the waxy cloth is pulled away from the skin in the opposite direction of hair growth. It does hurt.

After the strips are pulled, your waxer will go over the area with a tweezer and pull out any stubborn remaining hairs.

You need to be confident that you are dealing with a professional. A professional works confidently and quickly - so the job should be done within 15 minutes.

Afterwards you will initially be red and sore - but they give you all the lotions and potions and the irritation soon subsides.

What to pay for Brazilian waxing?

Expect to pay $25-$75 (20-50) for a Brazilian wax - more experienced practitioners will charge more - they're worth the money. You do not want to entrust this job to an amateur - you really don't.

Effects of a Brazilian wax

You'll feel great - skin as smooth as a baby's butt. You'll feel very sexy, and you'll look it too.

It's also conclusive that men find a Brazilian wax-job a total turn-on. You'll wear that thong with total confidence and really want to show off.

Alternatives to a Brazilian wax

Let's face it. A Brazilian wax is radical - and for many people, inaccessible locally. You may simply not want to bare yourself to a complete stranger and be subjected to this kind of low-intensity torture.

There are alternatives that work almost as well (admittedly for shorter periods) but are a lot more pleasant and can be done at home.

There are a number of personal shavers on the market nowadays that have been designed specifically for pubic shaving. They work very well - they do NOT bite, they are designed not to - and are pleasant to use.

You don't have to use creams or foams - they work well dry with just a touch of talcum powder and they shave VERY close - your skin will be smooth as a baby as well.

They have other advantages - they're portable - you can touch up whenever you like and they're great for sensitive skin. No rashes, reactions, grazes or bumps.

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