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Webmaster section

If you enjoyed this website and have found it useful we would appreciate a link back to this website. You can use a text link or a button or banner link to this page if you would like.
All links, banners and buttons can be found by clicking here .

If you are a webmaster and if you want to exchange a link or some traffic with us, please read first our basic rules.

bikini link exchange

If you are a webmaster interested in exchanging links with us please review our criteria for link exchanges. We are looking for legitimate, high traffic, high quality sites. We get many requests from sites that do not qualify to meet our criteria.

The idea of a link exchange is to benefit each other with increased traffic not be a one sided situation. It is also preferable for you to have your own domain name. If your site meets these minimum requirements by all means please exchange links with us! We are sorry for posting these requirements but we get too many requests from sites that will provide no traffic benefit to our site.

Please save both of us some valuable time if you have a website that violates one of the rules below. Don't submit false information. Your request will be deleted after we check your information and discover it's false. And we will find out!!

  1. We do business with softcore sites only. If your site is mostly hardcore we are not interested. You don't necessarily need to have
    the same subject matter as us We prefer bikini and thong websites, but we can make exceptions. Acceptable examples are: cameltoe, spandex, voyeur, public thong exposure, ...
  2. If your site contains underage content, or links to such sites, we will ignore you. No Lolita and kiddyporn websites. All models must be 18! This also includes your promotional banners and meta tags. Violations of this rule will result in you and your site being banned for life.
  3. You should not use stolen content.
  4. No excessive consoles or pop-ups on your website.
  5. No free hosts like angelfire, tripod, geocities, etc.
  6. We will check your site thoroughly before linking it.
  7. We prefer a domain name
  8. We prefer a banner size 10Kb or less, Button 5Kb or less
  9. Links on your main page will give you a link on our main page. A link on your links page will get you a link on our links Page. Similarly, a text link will be reciprocated with a text link and a logo with a logo.
  10. Links are accepted at the discretion of the webmistress Britt.

One of our banners or buttons or textlinks must be clearly visible on your website before we give you a link back!!

All links, banners and buttons can be found by clicking here .

If you are familiar with traffic trading scripts, you can simply click here to trade traffic. Fill out the form and traffic trading will start instantly

If you are not familiar with traffic trading scripts or if you want to tell something about traffic or linking to your site, send me an email.

My Email Address =

info3 [at] (replace [at] by @ )